From July 10th to 14th, 2024

Manaus, Brazil


INC Goals


Experience Sharing

Cultural Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

All against the backdrop of a competition


“The International Negotiation Competition (INC) is the oldest and the most renowned
competition with a focus on international legal negotiation for law students from all over the
world. And offers an exclusive educational program for international legal practice.”


“The International Negotiation Competition (INC) is the oldest and the most renowned
competition with a focus on international legal negotiation for law students from all over the
world. And offers an exclusive educational program for international legal practice.”

History of the INC

In 1998, two American law schools, Creighton University and Pepperdine University, sponsored the first annual International Negotiation Competition. The inaugural competition was hosted by Pepperdine and modelled on the existing Negotiation Competition sponsored by the American Bar Association Law Student Division. Following the success of the Louis M. Brown International Client Consultation Competition, the International Negotiation Competition develops negotiation skills in the context of international transactions and disputes.

The countries represented at the inaugural competition were Australia, Canada, England, and the United States. The Australian team from University of Sydney was the first winner of the traveling plaque presented by the Practicing Law Institute of New York City. Since then the competition has become truly international, with teams regularly competing from Australia, Canada, Denmark, England and Wales, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and the USA.


The International Negotiation Competition (INC) is a law student competition in which a team of two law students representing a party/client negotiates either an international transaction or the resolution of an international dispute with an opposing team of two law students. Teams from around the world will meet each other and the judges. The judging panel consists of lawyers, business people and leading professors of law from the participating countries.

Previous Competitions



Oslo, Norway



Cardiff, Wales



Tokyo, Japan






Omaha, Nebraska, USA



Rome, Italy

And the 25th edition, where will it be held?

Together, let’s hold this competition in a place that has been the subject of global discussion
for years.

Together, let’s hold this competition in a place that is the center of climate debates.

Together, let’s hold this competition in a place that is a reference to the environment and the
symbol of a country.

Together, let’s hold this competition in a place with unimaginable natural riches and is directly related to sustainability, preservation and development.

Together, let's make this competition happen in...


Competition Venue

TCE – Court of Auditors of the State of Amazonas
Av. Efigênio Salles, 1155 – Aleixo

Awards Dinner Venue

Palácio Rio Negro
Av. Sete de Setembro, 1546 – Centro

Opening Masterclass - International Negotiation Competition - 2024 (Manaus, Brazil).


Wednesday, 10th

12pm – Registration
2pm – Opening ceremony
4:30pm – Masterclass – Larry Teply, INC Executive Committee Chair
6pm – Opening cocktail reception
8pm – Conclusion of activities

Thursday, 11th

9am – Scotland (Jack Diamond) x Australia (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 1)
9am – North Ireland (Jack Diamond) x Canada 2 (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 2)
9am – Wales (Jack Diamond) x Brazil (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 3)
9am – England (Jack Diamond) x India (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 4)
11am – Japan (Jack Diamond) x Italy (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 1)
11am – U.S.A (Jack Diamond) x Singapore (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 2)
11am – Ireland (Jack Diamond) x Indonesia (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 3)
11am – New Zealand (Jack Diamond) x Canada 1 (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 4)
8pm – Amazonas Theater

Friday, 12th

Day off – Speedboat Ride (Route to be defined)

More informations:

IMPORTANT: Take the document filed and signed with you on the day.
Saturday, 13th

9am – Japan (Bestlé S.A.) x Indonesia (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 1)
9am – India (Bestlé S.A.) x Ireland (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 2)
9am – U.S.A. (Bestlé S.A.) x Brazil (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 3)
9am – Singapore (Bestlé S.A.) x New Zealand (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 4)
11am – North Ireland (Bestlé S.A.) x Canada 1 (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 1)
11am – Wales (Bestlé S.A.) x Australia (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 2)
11am – Scotland (Bestlé S.A.) x Italy (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 3)
11am – England (Bestlé S.A.) x Canada 2 (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 4)

2pm – England (Bestlé S.A.) x Indonesia (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 1)
2pm – Scotland (Bestlé S.A.) x New Zealand (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 2)
2pm – Wales (Bestlé S.A.) x U.S.A. (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 3)
2pm – North Ireland (Bestlé S.A.) x Singapore (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 4)
4pm – Brazil (Bestlé S.A.) x Canada 2 (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 1)
4pm – Ireland (Bestlé S.A.) x Japan (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 2)
4pm – Italy (Bestlé S.A.) x Canada 1 (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 3)
4pm – India (Bestlé S.A.) x Australia (International Talent Inc.) – (Room 4)

Sunday, 14th

9am – Wales (Bestlé S.A.) x Canada 1 (Save the planet) x New Zealand (Stanley Rattiger) x Australia (Tropical Forest Alliance) – (Room 1)
9am – England (Bestlé S.A.) x U.S.A (Save the planet) x Italy (Stanley Rattiger) x Brazil (Tropical Forest Alliance) – (Room 2)
9am – Scotland (Bestlé S.A.) x Canada 2 (Save the planet) x Ireland (Stanley Rattiger) x Japan (Tropical Forest Alliance) – (Room 3)
9am – North Ireland (Bestlé S.A.) x Indonesia (Save the planet) x India (Stanley Rattiger) x Singapore (Tropical Forest Alliance) – (Room 4)
8:00 pm – Awards Dinner

Important information to participants

Manaus Weather

Manaus has a hot and humid equatorial weather, characteristic of the Amazon region. Rain is frequent throughout the year, with high relative humidity. Visitors are advised to be prepared for the intense heat and possible rain. The rainy season runs from December to May, with the wettest months being January and February, while the dry season runs from June to November. It is important to bring light and comfortable clothing, hats, sunscreen, umbrellas and raincoats.

Lunch during the event

Lunch will be served in the TCE’s restaurant, an all-you-can-eat buffet with a drink included (juice or soda). The fixed price is R$ 45.00 reais, which can be paid in local cash or by credit card.

Coffee Break

Coffee breaks will be served at the TCE Museum, located on the same floor as registration.

TCE rules

  • No food or drink may be brought into the auditorium or rooms.
  • Do not support anything on the Museum’s displays.
  • Access to the TCE’s other rooms is restricted to employees

Travel recommendations

For foreigners coming to Brazil

 Vaccination: There is no vaccination requirement to enter the country, but the Ministry of Health recommends updating your vaccination status with vaccines against yellow fever, polio, measles, rubella, diphtheria and tetanus. Full proof of immunization against Covid-19 is required.

Documentation: Passport and identity card. The period of stay in Brazil is a maximum of 90 days, extendable for a further 90 days, making a total of 180 days.

Return to your Country – Check your country’s vaccination regulations for return.

Flight Mobilization

⦁ Valid ID card or passport
⦁ Airline tickets
⦁ Contact telephone numbers
⦁ Complete the Check-Mig form at least 24 hours before arrival.



Throughout Brazil, domestic electricity is 110 volts alternating current at 60 hertz. Sockets generally have two or three round pins. The electrical flow in hotels is generally regulated, but it is advisable to check the voltage before plugging in electrical appliances to avoid
damage. Adapters and power converters are widely available on the market. For visitors bringing appliances from other countries, it may be necessary to purchase a specific adapter for the Brazilian standard.


Brazil’s official currency is the Real (R$). The currency code is BRL. Foreign currency can be converted into Reais at exchange offices, banks and airports. It is advisable to exchange a sufficient amount of money to cover immediate expenses such as transportation and food. Although credit and debit cards are widely accepted, having cash is useful, especially in more remote locations. Currency exchange offices in Manaus offer competitive rates, and it is possible to exchange US dollars, euros and other major currencies. Remember to carry identification, such as a passport, when exchanging currencies.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted at commercial establishments in Manaus, including hotels, restaurants, stores and tourist services. The most common brands accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. Using cards is safe and convenient, and most establishments have payment machines compatible with international cards. However, it is always good practice to inform your bank or card company about your international trip to avoid security blocks. In addition, it is recommended to have some cash for small expenses and emergencies, especially in places where the use of cards may be limited.


To get around Manaus, mobility apps such as Uber and Cabify work efficiently and are a safe and convenient option. In addition, cabs and private transportation services are widely available. To explore the tourist areas, public transportation, such as buses, can be used, although they are less comfortable and predictable. For sightseeing and ecological tours, many hotels and tourist agencies offer organized transport, which can include guides and planned itineraries.

Tourist attractions

Manaus offers a rich variety of tourist attractions that highlight its culture, history and natural beauty. Among the main tourist attractions are:

  • Largo São Sebastião: A charming square in the historic center, surrounded by historic buildings and the famous Teatro Amazonas.
  • São Francisco Church: A beautiful church with neo-Gothic architecture.
  • Palace of Justice: A historic building that houses a museum about the judicial system in Amazonas.
  • Palacete Provincial: Former seat of government, now a museum with various exhibitions.
  • Rio Negro Palace: A historic mansion that was once the residence of state governors.
  • Metropolitan Cathedral: One of the oldest churches in Manaus, with impressive architecture.
  • Museum of the City of Manaus: Exhibits the history of the city since its foundation.
  • Mercado Municipal: A vibrant market where you can find local products and handicrafts.
  • Rio Negro Bridge: An impressive bridge that connects Manaus to the city of Iranduba.
  • Arena da Amazônia: A modern soccer stadium built for the 2014 World Cup.
  • Mindu Park: An environmental preservation area in the middle of the city.
  • Museu da Amazônia: A science and biology museum focused on the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.
  • Ponta Negra Beach: A river beach very popular with locals.
  • Seringal Museum: Offers an insight into life in the Amazonian rubber plantations.
  • Núcleo Cultural Indígena: A space dedicated to indigenous culture.
  • Shopping Manauara: One of the largest malls in the city, offering a wide variety of stores and restaurants.


Amazonian cuisine is one of the best preserved from its indigenous origins, with little Portuguese and African influence. Many of the region’s typical dishes are accompanied by manioc flour, freshwater fish from the region, tucupi (a liquid extracted from manioc) and jambu (a regional herb that causes a slight numbness on the tongue).During the festive
season, dishes such as pirarucu de casaca, roasted or fried fish such as tambaqui and jaraqui and fried plantains, which are usually sold in picnic areas popularly known as “bananinhas”. Among the snacks, the x-caboquinho stands out, an Amazonian sandwich made of French bread stuffed with slices of tucumã, plantains (ripe and fried), curd cheese and butter. This delicacy is recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the city of Manaus. The Amazon is also unique for its many fruits, some of which are completely unknown in other parts of Brazil. Cupuaçu, tucumã, pupunha and açaí (which can now be found in cities all over the country and is famous the world over) are used, among other exotic fruits. Of the natural drinks, the most consumed in natura in Amazonas are passion fruit juice, graviola, cupuaçu, taperebá, pineapple, among other typical fruits of the region.

Day Off: Boat trip to the Meeting of the Waters

What is the Meeting of the Waters?

The Meeting of the Waters is a natural phenomenon where the dark waters of the Rio Negro meet the muddy waters of the Rio Solimões, forming the Amazon River. The waters of the two rivers flow side by side without mixing for several kilometers due to their different densities, temperatures and speeds. This phenomenon is one of the main tourist attractions in Manaus, which is located on the left bank of the Negro River, and offers an impressive view of the strength and diversity of the Amazon rivers.


⦁ 8am – Meet at TCE/AM
⦁ 9am – Departure from the Uiara Pier
10:20am – Meeting of the waters
11:30am – Visit to a tribe (1 hour)
12:45am – Lunch on the Rainha da Selva floating boat – R$ 60,00 reais per person, drinks are not included
2pm – Return to Uiara Pier
3:30pm – Arrival at Uiara Pier


⦁ Clothing: Light, comfortable, quick-drying clothes. Hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.
⦁ What to bring: Repellent, bathing suit, raincoat or umbrella, mineral water.

Important phone numbers

⦁ Eduardo Gomes International Airport: (92) 3652-1210
⦁ Ambulance: 192
⦁ Police: 197
⦁ Women’s Police Station: +55(92) 3236-7012

Promoting company contacts:

Inês Daou – Executive Director
⦁ Phone: +55(92) 98114-8014
⦁ Email:

Fabíola – Executive Producer
⦁ Phone: +55(92) 99165-8747
⦁ Email: ⦁

Georgia – Executive Producer
⦁ Phone: +55(92) 99165-8747
⦁ Email:

Caroline Oliveira – Logistics and Production
⦁ Phone: +55(92) 99165-8747
⦁ Email:

Ambassadors contacts:

+55(61) 3226.3111

+55(61) 3424.5400

United Kindom
+55(61) 3329.2300 / +55(61) 3329.2369

+55(61) 3248.4006 / +55(61) 98329.0220

+55(61) 3443.8800

+55(61) 3442.9900 / +55(61) 3443.1231

+55(61) 3442.4200

New Zeland
+55(61) 3248.9900 / +55(61) 3248.9916

+55(61) 2191.6565 / +55(65) 6379.8000

United States
+55(61) 3312.7000 / +55(61) 3225.9136

+55(61) 3248.8800 / +55(61) 3248.8816


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